A New Kind of Pencil

A premium artist quality pencil ideal for sketching, drawing, writing, arts, graphics & hatching.

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Unleash Your Creativity

Usable for both detailed sketching and flat shading, these pencils can be sharpened and shaped to suit your needs. Perfect for the professional artist or serious enthusiast.

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Solid Graphite Design

The intensity range is well-controlled by altering how much pressure you apply, and it can lay down some intense hues when you want.

  • Bold and Vibrant Colour

    The colour pencils layers smoothly & easily and they have a thin lacquer coating for easy, mess-free use.

  • Longer Life

    They can be sharpened with a traditional pencil sharpener, and the shavings can be used for smudging in colour.They also need less sharpening than wood-based ones.

  • Eco-friendly

    We avoid pencil-making from becoming another grievance for the nature, we created Nord, woodless pencils.

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